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Information Technology (IT)

Our IT lawyers help you to innovate by defending and securing your information assets. In this fast-moving branch of the law, we help you to develop a comprehensive legal strategy to protect your technology, trade secrets and databases, by identifying key contracts and other legal documents as well as compliance steps to ensure your assets can be commercially exploited. Our experienced litigation team will also help you take a proactive approach to disputes, which in this area require both a solid technical approach and a certain originality in the solutions envisaged. In particular, our lawyers defend our client’s interests in the following areas :

  • Domain names: Unlike trademark protection, the legal regime for domain names is still poorly defined and is essentially based on case law. Disputes in this field require personalised support, available from our dedicated and experienced attorneys.
  • E-reputation: The exponential development of the Internet and social networks have led to a multiplication of attacks on e-reputation, encouraged by anonymity and ease of use. Our litigation team regularly helps clients defend their reputation online by finding proactive and effective legal solutions. 
  • E-commerce: E-commerce involves daily interactions between a multiplicity of players (developers, sales platforms, consumers, competitors, etc.). Our lawyers help you secure your relationships with your partners thought contract drafting and negotiations and through dispute resolution.
  • IT contracts: In the context of the internationalisation and dematerialisation of commercial relations, the drafting of contracts must be considered as a strategy in its own right. Conducted by experienced legal professionals, your contractual strategy helps secure, develop and enhance the company's activity in an optimal manner.
  • Data governance and compliance: Your company's data protection compliance is a key element in securing your databases, gaining the trust of your clients, suppliers and staff, boosting your brand reputation and enhancing the value of your assets. Our market leading GDPR team helps you find the right data protection strategy for your business.