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Inheritance planning


Inheritance planning involves using a combination of legal and financial techniques in the field of property law (droit patrimonial), to protect enhance and transmit property, both tangible and intangible, personal and professional.

More than just asset management, inheritance planning is above all a legal discipline which requires a deep understanding of the different areas connected to property, including family patrimonial law, tax law and business law. The professional adviser therefore has to take into account all these different areas in order to identify solutions in the light of the factual situation at hand.

With their in-depth knowledge of the legal fundamentals and their experience and expertise, Altij’s property law team is here to help you achieve your patrimonial objectives.

Understanding legal mechanisms: a necessary prerequisite

Identifying the rules which apply to your assets can be complex. However, it is often due to a lack of information that disputes, or difficulties arise.

Who are my heirs? What is the impact of my conjugal relationship on my estate? How should I organise my dependency? Is my corporate structure optimal with regard to my activity? 

These are all necessary questions to which you can find answers with the help of our experts.

For more in-depth questions and a complete legal and tax analysis of how your assets are organised, our team can help you by preparing an in-depth review of your personal and professional assets.

Once the overall strategy has been established depending on your objectives and needs, our team will be present at every key moment of your project:

  • Assisting you in procedures for creating or modifying your conjugal relationship, drafting of PACS agreements, advice on drafting your marriage contract, change of matrimonial regime, divorce proceedings, legal separation proceedings, etc.
  • Assisting you in the structuring of your company and in its sale: setting up tax consolidation schemes, sale of shares and companies, setting up asset and liability guarantees, Dutreil transmission arrangements, etc.
  • Helping you set up a legal and financial plan to anticipate future dependency: assistance in drafting a future protection mandate, assistance in setting up legal protection measures, assistance in setting up a financing plan, assistance with any maintenance obligation actions.
  • Analysing the civil devolution of your assets
  • Determining the law applicable to your estate in the presence of foreign elements
  • Calculating the tax implications and planning the civil partition of your estate, taking into account the particularities of your assets: life insurance, professional assets, previous gifts, etc.
  • Helping you to pass on your assets in an optimal way, in particular by drawing up a gift agreement and by assisting you in drawing up a will
  • Helping you set up the best protection for the surviving spouse by determining his or her needs
  • Support you in your estate planning process and in particular in carrying out international succession planning

Our lawyers and legal experts also help you quantify your asset operations by:

  • Analysing and determining the taxation of your real estate operations: tax exemption objectives, calculation of your real estate capital gains, etc.
  • Determining the taxation of the transfer of your assets but also making projections of the taxation of your estate
  • Analyzing and advising you on the financial architecture of your assets: taxation of payments and redemptions, subscription opportunities, etc.

Thus, we are particularly active in the following areas: Matrimonial, inheritance and estate planning engineering

  • Matrimonial property law and matrimonial ties 
  • Inheritance law and estate planning 
  • Liberality law 
  • Private international law 
  • Securing your conjugal bond 
  • Preparing for your children's future 
  • Anticipating the transmission of your inheritance during your lifetime 
  • Anticipating succession and potential conflicts 

Personal and professional wealth management

  • Company and corporate law
  • Tax law 
  • Life insurance law
  • Rights of minors and protected adults 
  • Anticipating and financing dependency 
  • Anticipating the transfer of the company 
  • Anticipating an executive's retirement