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Intellectual property

At Altij we understand that your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your business. Our specialist IP lawyers help you put in place comprehensive and continuous protective measures for your industrial and intellectual property rights.

Whether registering trademarks, designs and patents, negotiating and drafting the documentation to secure your assignments or licences or moving decisively to defend your copyright, our lawyers help you put in place a 360° strategy for defending your business’s IP. We also have extensive experience in the field of domain name litigation, managing domain name portfolios and negotiating the necessary contracts to protect your domain name.

Our intellectual property lawyers are distinguished by their cross-disciplinary approach to all intellectual property issues. We protect, negotiate, audit, value, monitor and defend your company's intangible assets by:

  • Auditing your company's IP assets
  • Defining a strategy for protecting your creations, inventions, distinctive signs and more generally, all your company's innovations
  • Filing applications for the registration of trademarks (French, European Union and international) and designs (French, EU or international)
  • Establishing statements of facts by bailiff (huissier) to date your creations
  • Reserving domain names
  • Assisting in filing patent applications, in collaboration with patent attorneys
  • Raising awareness of good practices in IP within your company by providing training and drafting operational guides