e construis.

Real estate and construction


Altij has significant experience and expertise in real estate and construction law. Its team of lawyers, experienced in property management, advises you in order to preserve and develop your real estate assets:

  • Land and real estate transactions (acquisitions, sales, rentals)
  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements, preliminary sales agreements
  • Assistance during the reiteration of the sale
  • Building leases and long leases
  • Management of undivided estates
  • Constitution of civil real estate companies
  • Financial engineering
  • Management of the tax aspects of the transaction (real estate capital gains, etc.)
  • Management of technical appraisals of land and buildings

Whether you are an individual, an investor or a professional, Altij also assists you in real estate disputes involving, in particular:

  • Disorders, faults, non-conformities affecting the work and the liability of builders (legal ten-year liability or contractual liability - guarantee of proper operation - guarantee of perfect completion)
  • Rental relationships (judicial termination of leases - eviction - recovery of unpaid rent and charges)
  • Abnormal neighbourhood disturbances
  • Contractual and/or legal easements
  • The co-ownership system (contestation of resolutions taken at a general meeting - liability of the managing agent and/or the syndicate - liability of a co-owner)
  • Insurer guarantees (work damage - property insurance - liability insurance)
  • Hidden defects guarantee
  • Town planning law (recourse against building permits)

We have particular experience in the field of commercial leases, assisting you whether you are a lessor or lessee, both in the negotiation and drafting of deeds (commercial lease - derogatory lease - short term lease - lease renewal - refusal to renew) and in disputes relating to the setting of renewed rents and their removal, the setting and payment of eviction compensation, the recovery of unpaid rents and charges and the judicial termination of the lease.