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Personal and family law

In France “Personal law” (le droit des personnes) covers a large range of civil law concepts, including individual rights, the family and successions (inheritance). Altij helps you to understand and protect your rights in these areas.

Our lawyers, who are experts in personal, family and inheritance law, prioritise an empathetic and family-friendly approach. They advise, protect and monitor your property and non-patrimonial interests and defend you in the event of legal proceedings. Our attorneys:

  • Assist and accompany you in civil status procedures
  • Assist and accompany you in procedures in the event of the absence of adults, or even disappearance of persons
  • Assist and accompany you in procedures for the protection of adults, such as the protection of justice, curatorship and guardianship of adults
  • Assist and accompany parents when they are in the process of filiation, whether natural or adoptive (full or simple)
  • Accompany partners in the drafting of contracts, such as marriage contracts or civil partnership agreements
  • Advise and accompany the partners in the choice of different matrimonial regimes in the event of marriage
  • Advise and accompany partners in the process of changing the matrimonial regime
  • Advise and audit the needs of the family in the event of divorce, and negotiate settlement agreements
  • Advise you and audit your assets for the determination of a possible pension under the duty of assistance, or a compensatory benefit
  • Advise you and draw up the deeds of devolution of parental authority, as well as the conditions of residence of minor children within the family sphere in the event of separation
  • Assist you in the context of amicable or judicial family mediation, as well as in the context of expert appraisals
  • Advise and assist you before the notary in the event of amicable settlement of the matrimonial regime
  • Advise and assist you before the notary in the event of the division of joint ownership in the event of inheritance