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Data Protection

GDPR compliance – a competitive edge for your business

All companies doing business in Europe need to understand and respect their security and transparency obligations when processing personal data. Used right, GDPR compliance can be a competitive advantage and an important lever for increasing the value of your brand and intangible assets.

Our renowned data protection team works with clients of all sizes on their compliance process: from major international groups to tech start-ups.

At Altij, we recognise that data protection is a key factor for differentiating your business. To achieve this, our specialists work closely with your HR, IT, operational, marketing and legal teams to ensure a comprehensive compliance process which reflects the specific requirements of your activity. Our knowledge of the French and European legal landscape is allied to a keen understanding of the specific challenges of data protection in an international context, from Brexit to BCRs.


Altij – a full range of GDPR services

Training: The key underlying principle of the GDPR is corporate accountability, meaning that staff training is essential to successful compliance. A comprehensive staff training programme is a marker of good faith with regard to data protection authorities and jurisdictions.

Our executive training course “GDPR compliance: Control and innovation” offers a practical guide to the regulation, enabling your teams to understand the key legal concepts and develop the technical and organisational skills they need to implement GDPR compliance. In addition to our core training programme, we provide additional sessions on specific aspects of GDPR. These can be adapted or expanded based on the specific requirements of your business.

All our training courses are available in both French and English, online or in person.

Compliance: Our experienced data protection professionals work with your internal teams to identify your at-risk data processing activities and put in place the required compliance actions. We help you draft and negotiate GDPR-compliant documentation, including internal and external information notices to help you meet your transparency requirements, as well as data processing agreements with your suppliers and clients. 

Our data protection lawyers help our French and international clients navigate the fast-moving regulatory landscape in France and the EU in order to secure their transfers of personal data both inside and outside their groups of companies, by identifying the appropriate legal mechanisms (standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules, etc.) and, where appropriate, supplementary measures. We also advise our clients on the GDPR and “e-privacy” rules governing the use of tracker technologies such as cookies.

DPO and representative office: Altij acts in many cases as an external data protection officer (DPO) for our clients, to help you ensure an ongoing maintenance of your level of GDPR compliance by keeping your legal documentation and data inventories updated and by helping you respond to requests from data subjects to exercise their GDPR rights (subject access requests, right to be forgotten, etc.), data security breaches and interactions with data protection authorities.

For our clients based outside the European Union, we also advise on the applicability of GDPR to their activity and the need to designate a representative in the EU. 

Due diligence: In addition to compliance assistance, our data protection lawyers provide specialist advice to your corporate law and M&A teams in due diligence processes and SPA drafting.

Litigation: Our GDPR team includes experience litigators able to assist with all litigation and dispute resolution questions in the data protection field.